From December 2015

Finding Vintage Clothes in a Digital World

Vintage clothing is one of the most popular styles for children and adults alike. Trends vary from Rockabilly revival to Steampunk – a post-modernized Victorian style. Whether you want your children to dress like it is 1980s Middle America or 1960s Mod England, there are more styles available now than ever.

Finding these fashions is relatively easy. You do not always have to live near a vintage boutique to get the clothes you want. Now, you can find just about anything you can think of by searching online retailers like eBay and Dressific.

Ebay has an eclectic, vast, but sometimes erratic amount of vintage styles. Still, this can be the best place to get great deals on authentic vintage clothes. You may need to keep at it and be patient if you are looking for something particular such as a Nardis piece from the 1960s.

Nardis was famous for the sleek, dress and coat styles found in Dallas in the JFK era. Even if you have

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something this specific in mind, it is not impossible to find it at some point on eBay. In fact, famous name brands of days gone by are often up on the auction site. You just need to have a keen eye and a good amount of patience as some auctions may go off without you being the lucky winning bidder. However, if you keep at it, something new – or old, actually- will turn up again.

If you are just looking for a particular style but not a particular designer you open your options up more. If you want something that looks vintage Mod, you are sure to find it. If you want something from the classic shop Granny takes A Trip, you just might find such a treasure, but remember to be patient as well as persistent.

When you have tired of eBay or you have found what you want there, do not forget there are plenty of great retailers online that specialize in vintage clothes. These include Rusty Zipper, Rose Gal, Top Vintage, Pinup Girl and so much more.

These places usually sell more predictable merchandise stock. However, their prices may be a bit more than eBay bargains. Finding precise sizes is usually easier using these retailers. Also, if you do have your heart set on that Nardis piece, you are probably more likely to find it if you reach out to a sales agent for one of these online stores.

Digital shopping for old time fashions can actually be fun. It is like something of a treasure hunt. Anyone who has a taste for vintage knows that finding the perfect vintage outfit is important. Make use of eBay and several vintage online retailers and you will increase your chances of finding that perfect buy.
Remember, that any item that is no longer in production or is from a now-defunct clothing maker can be difficult to find. Still, if you are determined and patient, you can find what you want and enjoy your vintage fashions well into the future.